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ADAPTABILITY to manufacture of FURNITURE. The analysis of schemes of composite structure

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the Analysis of schemes of composite structure of modern furniture shows that their composition is under construction on the basis of repeating elements, and a proportion - on parities of the sizes of these elements. The unification problem in art designing of furniture demands an establishment of proportional parities in the sizes of various elements of a design expressed in simple numbers, members of various numerical numbers.

Product of numbers of the chosen number on module size creates a number of the sizes of the separate elements connected in two parametres - system of preferable sizes and the certain module. Thus the choice of preferable numbers is necessary for co-ordinating with the functional sizes of products. Application of modular coordination at unification of products is directly connected with their constructive decision.

VPKTIMom the system generalising experience of designing and designing of furniture from panel board elements as branch system of unification has been offered. Laws of tectonic construction of the form have been put in its basis from plitnyh materials that has allowed to carry out practically all known rational from the point of view of modern manufacture spatially-block diagramme constructions of the form of the case products, not limiting at the same time search of new composite decisions.