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is decorative-ART FURNISH. The Atlasno-sateen interlacing

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the Atlasno-sateen interlacing has the minimum number of overlappings of threads on unit of a surface of a fabric and is characterised by distinction in structure obverse and iznanochnoj the fabric parties.

Combined and melkouzorchatye interlacings receive alternation of simple interlacings (linen, sarzhevogo, etc.). These interlacings are characteristic for melkouzorchatyh furniture and tapestry materials.

Difficult (zhakkardovye) interlacings are formed by several systems of threads of a basis and a duck with introduction of additional obverse, lining, nap and other threads. These interlacings krupnouzorchatye, ornamental. To zhakkardovym to ornamental furniture fabrics concern: gobelin fabrics, rep furniture, shagreen leather, various relief and nap fabrics.

The Invoice of a fabric besides an interlacing method is defined by a kind and structure of a fibre of a yarn. On structure of a fibre of a fabric are subdivided on cotton, linen and semilinen, shtapelnye, woollen, silk, synthetic and mixed.