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is decorative-ART FURNISH. Colour and furnish of obverse accessories

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Colour and furnish of obverse accessories is defined by the general composite plan of a design, a material and a manufacturing techniques. Metal accessories finish galvanic, chemical or anodizatsionnym with a method or paint and varnish materials. The accessories from plastic have colour and the invoice of a corresponding polymeric material. Accessories from the wood, executed in the joiner's way or tocheniem, finish with transparent varnishes, keeping colour of natural wood.

The Basic assortment of obverse accessories (the handle, decorative elements, apportions) is resulted in the catalogues published VKPTIMom. The general specifications on accessories furniture are regulated OST 13-40-75.

Furniture fabrics. In furnish of an interior and the equipment the important place is occupied with decorative and furniture fabrics. Depending on appointment they can be divided into following groups:

1) fabrics furniture integumentary, intended for covering of internal elements of furniture (springs, the bases, boards etc.);

2) fabrics furniture facing for an external upholstery of upholstered furniture both woven and nonwoven facing coverings on the basis of synthetic materials;

3) fabrics the decorative and textile products intended for furniture of an interior (a portiere, a curtain and a curtain, carpets, paths and gobelins, cloths, coverlets).

The List of the standardised fabrics which are let out by the domestic industry, applied in furniture manufacture, is resulted more low.