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Along with careful is art-design study of the form, the modern furniture is characterised by a rational colour score and high quality of is decorative-protective furnish. It is provided with wide, constantly increasing assortment of various finishing materials and high-efficiency ways of their technological application.

Colour and furnish in the course of art designing - concepts the relatives defining character of superficial processing of products with the is decorative-art and technical purposes. In the course of furnish the furniture receives the finished aesthetic expression, i.e. Furnish is the closing stage of art designing - to the last ' dab ', definitively forming its image.

Furnish of surfaces of furniture by paint and varnish and other materials (as transparent, and ukryvistymi) is always connected with a colour score and demands knowledge of some special questions in the field of a chromatics and acquaintance to assortment and properties of finishing materials. Colour and physicomechanical properties of finishing materials get out the designer on the basis of deep studying of functional requirements to a product, appointment of a product and its place in environment, an interior or an ex-terrier, taking into account technological and operational properties and economic feasibility.

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Achromatic colours
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