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COLOUR In FURNITURE And the INTERIOR. Colour of the equipment and an interior

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Colour of the equipment and an interior of medical institutions choose taking into account its psychophysiological influence. Are recommended light the tone, positively influencing the visual device of the patient. The invoice of surfaces of the equipment and premises should be matte. Special value gets colour in psychoneurological medical institutions where patients are especially sensitive to colour influence. It is necessary to consider calming influence of cold tones and raising - warm. At the decision of colour scale of medical institutions the designer should work in contact to the physiologist and the psychologist.

The Colour score of the equipment of interiors of shops, table, cafe, restaurants, i.e. Premises concerning short-term stay, can be brighter, bright, on occasion having advertising character. At the same time it is necessary to avoid polihromnosti, sharp contrasts in colour furniture and premises. It is necessary to consider light exposure, its communication with a colour score reflecting, surfaces with the phenomena of colour adaptation.

The Colour score of the equipment of hotels is differentiated depending on appointment of premises and type of buildings. Colour of furniture of a room of the hotel should answer character of premises. For halls and numbers of hotels of country and tourist type intended for productive leisure, brighter colour scale can be chosen.

Colour of interiors of entertainment establishments (cinema, theatres) should promote spatial orientation of spectators. It is reached by a contrast combination of colour of an upholstery of armchairs and colours of environment. In furnish of walls, a ceiling and a floor it is desirable to apply the colours having the lowered factor of reflexion, promoting perception spectators of the limited demonstration space.