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At a choice of colour scale the designer aspires to provide harmonious unity of a colour score of the material environment (premises, furniture, draperies etc.) for creation of optimum conditions for labour activity and rest taking into account psychophysiological influence of colour on a human body depending on age and a state of health.

The Colour score of the material environment is directed on realisation of following primary goals: indemnification of adverse influence of environment on a human body; preservation and stimulation of working capacity and decrease in fatigue in the working day; maintenance of technological and spatial orientation and traumatism decrease in an industrial interior and on transport; the aesthetic and moral influence promoting rest, liquidation of intensity after day of work; preventive maintenance and treatment of diseases; a colour score, subordinated to is decorative-art aesthetic perception of space.

In the industrial environment at a choice of colour scale problems of functional character have paramount value; in the is administrative-public and household environment the attention of the designer is in a greater degree turned on the is art-design party; in medical institutions the factors promoting recover of patients are considered; in children's and uchebno-educational establishments in the foreground there are education and pedagogics problems etc.

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