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COLOUR In FURNITURE And the INTERIOR. Colour in an industrial interior

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In an industrial interior colour acts as a news media, compositions and the factor of maintenance of psychophysiological comfort.

As the news media colour provides orientation in the process equipment and the industrial environment by creation of an optimum colour background for objects of processing, allocation by colour of subjects and objects various on functions, application of colours and safety signs, a designation and marks of communications.

As the factor of maintenance of psychophysiological comfort colour allows to regulate degree of physiological and psychological influence by creation jarkostnyh parities, application of physiologically optimum colours, indemnification of adverse influences of working process and environment.

As means of a composition colour allows to reveal composite features of the equipment and an interior, to provide harmony of colour combinations, to underline beauty of separate colours.

Many works are devoted Questions of a colour score of an industrial interior. Along with the periodic publication in the bulletin ' the Industrial art ' articles devoted to questions of colour in the industrial environment, the information literature is published a lot of, the Russia confirmed by Gosstroy and the State Committee of Ministerial council of Russia on a science and the technician

operate on January, 21st, 1970 ' Instructions on designing of colour furnish of interiors of industrial buildings industrial prdprijaty ' SN 181-70,

Depending on functional problems painted elements of the industrial environment share on four groups: building designs (overlappings, floors, walls, columns, beams, etc.), the process equipment (machine tools, installations, automatic transfer lines, industrial stock, furniture), hoisting-and-transport mechanisms and communications.

The Choice of a colour score of each of these groups is made taking into account following factors: features of technological process and the general kind of work; conditions of visual work (especially exact, a split-hair accuracy, exact, small accuracy and rough); character and intensity of illumination; sanitary-and-hygienic conditions indoors; features of volume-spatial structure of an interior; requirements of safety precautions and industrial sanitary.