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COLOUR In FURNITURE And the INTERIOR. A colour score of an inhabited interior

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the Colour score of an inhabited interior should promote rest, creation of atmosphere of a cosiness, beauty. The colour ensemble in dwelling is created by a harmonious combination of colour of the furniture, protecting surfaces (walls, a floor, a ceiling, doors, windows), fabrics, fixtures taking into account physical properties of colour, its psychophysiological influence on the person and light exposure.

Colour of furniture substantially, is defined by natural is decorative-art properties of the various materials forming a product. In the course of furnish these properties are underlined, allow to estimate beauty of a material and technology of its processing, i.e. To satisfy one of the basic requirements of art designing.

The Leading material in furniture manufacture - wood; which is decorative-art properties are defined by colour, a structure and the surface invoice. Wood of various breeds is painted in chromatic colours of numerous colour tones and shades. Colour tone of the basic industrial breeds of wood is in limits from 577 to 599 mmk that corresponds to yellow and red-orange sites of a spectrum at colour purity from 18 to 62% and brightness from 7,5 to 78% (fig. 84 see). Colour of wood does not remain to constants. It changes under the influence of a sunlight, thus one breeds (a fur-tree, a pine, a fir, a linden) darken, and others (the oak, a beech, a birch, an aspen) brighten. Colour characteristics under the influence of transparent finishing films considerably vary.

Thus colour tone varies slightly, and a saturation and svetlota increase. The structure is defined by character of an anatomic structure of wood. The invoice defined by a structure of a surface of a material, i.e. In size and character of roughnesses, it is closely connected with reflective abilities. On reflexion degree distinguish surfaces glossy, matte, semiglossy and semimatte. The processed surface of wood in natural state before furnish by paint and varnish materials possesses the insignificant shine depending on colour of wood and an anatomic structure.