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Color contrast - a measure of distinction of colours or paints on their colour tone, a saturation and brightness. It can be big, average and small.

In a colour score of an interior and its equipment the designer should consider laws of colour contrast by simultaneous or consecutive comparison of the colour fields caused by psychophysiological features of sight. The basic attention of the artist should be turned on rational use of action of contrasts, creation of optimum colour combinations - harmonies.

Color harmonies - the certain combination of colours causing aesthetic satisfaction of the person. On degree of colour contrast colour harmonies share on contrast and njuansnye. Contrast harmonies - a combination of two or several colours to the big or average colour contrast.

The Special case of contrast harmonies are harmonies of complementary colours. Njuansnye harmonies - a combination of two or several colours of one colour tone different on a saturation or brightness, and also two or several colours with small contrast on colour tone, irrespective of their saturation and brightness.