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The is decorative-art furnish which is in the past a principal view of furnish of furniture, is applied now ogranichenno. Such kinds of is decorative-art furnish as a relief, ornamental, type-setting and superimposed decor, have lost the value and in manufacture of mass furniture are not applied. They have remained in considerably updated kind in arts and crafts and a folk art, and also in decorating of public interiors.

Interest to national and to arts and crafts Recently has considerably raised. It is shown in designing of Furniture with elements of stylistic reminiscences of the last epoch and ethnographic motives, in a reconstruction and the equipment of public interiors (restaurants, cafe, etc.) in characteristic national spirit, with use of constructive schemes, materials and a decor national and an applied art of the previous epoch processed taking into account modern aesthetic requirements, technics and technology. (Carving) is entered into furniture furnish, ornamental (list), and unprofitable a decor simulating ramochno-filenchatuju a design relief.

Subsections of this page:

the Relief decor
the Ornamental decor
Furnish by an ornamental list
the Type-setting decor
Unprofitable a decor
Obverse furniture accessories
Variety of forms and designs
Colour and furnish of obverse accessories
Is decorative-art qualities of fabrics
the Atlasno-sateen interlacing
Synthetic woven facing materials
the Choice of colour, drawing, the invoice
a Variety of fabrics