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is decorative-ART FURNISH. Is decorative-art qualities of fabrics

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Is decorative-art qualities of fabrics are defined by colour, drawing and the invoice. These qualities are estimated basically at a choice of facing fabrics. Distinguish one-colour, in regular intervals painted, tonovye and multi-colour fabrics. Tonovye and multi-colour fabrics are characterised by impressive or ornamental drawing (stuffed, figured tonovye, figured pestrotkanye).

The Invoice of a surface of fabrics is defined by character of an interlacing of a yarn and technological features of manufacture.

The Basic and most simple weaver's interlacings - linen, sarzhevoe and atlasno-sateen - are called as smooth. More difficult interlacings are formed by combinations of the cores (combined and melkouzorchatye interlacings) or introduction of additional obverse, lining, nap and other threads - difficult (zhakkardovye) interlacings.

The Linen interlacing is characterised by consecutive alternation of the cores and utochnyh the threads providing high durability of a fabric on a stretching. The linen interlacing is characteristic for integumentary fabrics (a sacking, mitkal, etc.).

Sarzhevoe an interlacing differs from linen shift of a basis and a duck on one thread with formation of diagonal strips. A sarzhevym interlacing produce cotton technical fabrics (matratsnye tics, etc.).