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the FURNISH GENERAL CHARACTERISTIC. Is decorative-protective furnish

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Is decorative-protective furnish gives to products decorative and protective properties. It is the most widespread kind of furnish in which process natural decorative properties of the materials entering into products are shown and underlined, or the new properties strengthening perception of the form of products are given.

Them concern: simple and difficult oblitsovyvanie wood materials stroganym or lushchenym an interline interval with the subsequent covering the transparent films showing a structure of wood; covering coverings of wood and metals liquid paint and varnish materials; gluing or napressovka sheet and film polymeric materials, pastes, emulsy, a dusting of powders; metallization (aluminizing, bronzing, gilding); galvanic, chemical and anodizatsionnye coverings of metals; coverings of elements of upholstered furniture dekorativnymj furniture fabrics Or artificial materials of type of a skin (viniliskozha), etc.

The Choice of this or that group of furnish is defined by is art-design problems taking into account aesthetic properties of used materials, functional, technical and economic and operational requirements to a product. In one product sheetings (internal and not obverse surfaces) with is decorative-protective (obverse and working surfaces) are usually combined purely.