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CHANGE of NATURAL DECORATIVE PROPERTIES of WOOD. Decorative layered plastics

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Decorative layered plastics. Are made by a method of hot pressing of the special papers impregnated melamino - or melaminokarbamidoformaldegidnymi pitches. Racks to action of weak solutions of acids and the alkalis washing and disinfectant solutions are durable in operation, oil - and water racks. 1000-3000 mm, width from 600 to 1600 mm are issued by sheets in the thickness from 1 to 5 mm, length.

Decorative qualities define colour and character of drawing of a superficial obverse layer. Are issued monophonic chromatic and achromatic colours of the sated and soft pastel tones, with simple geometrical drawing and the textural surface simulating valuable breeds of a tree.

Plastics are issued in accordance with GOST 9590-76 ' Decorative paper layered plastic ' and in accordance with GOST 5.1371-72 ' Plastic decorative paper layered with printing drawing '.

Decorative layered plastics use by gluing to a finished surface with the help karbamidnyh glutinous materials, kazeinovyh and epoksidnyh glues. Apply in designs with increased requirements to mechanical durability of hardness, wear resistance and chemical firmness of coverings, basically to facing of working surfaces of furniture for the equipment of public and industrial premises.