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is art-DESIGN SEARCH. A face-to-face composition

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the Face-to-face composition is characterised by the horizontal, vertical and diagonal scheme of construction, it can be symmetric and asymmetric, have the composite centre, spatial communications with environment. The face-to-face composition is used in case furniture, cases, sofas, beds, and also at configuration of cases in ' walls ' and so forth

the volume-spatial composition is characterised by the decision of elements of furniture on three co-ordinates of space, differs volume, concerning closed by a surface and is calculated on perception from different directions. Such composition can be spatial (a children's bed, a chair), to have uniform volume (case), to consist of several diverse parts (a support for the TV, etc.).

volume-spatial compositions in furniture are created by means of such means, as proportions, symmetry and asymmetry, scale, i.e. Harmony of a product in relation to a human body and another derivative of the sizes of the person to subjects of environment and space, and also a rational choice of materials, their structure, the invoice, furnish.

In a glubinno-spatial composition various volume forms are calculated on perception of a complex of furniture products at movement of the person in depth. It is characteristic at designing of spatial communications.

Is art-design search is accompanied by working out of sketches of furniture without a concrete definition of the detailed constructive decision, however appearance in various projections, prospects with colour use, the basic knots, characteristic elements here already should define a basis of the future product.