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PREDESIGN RESEARCHES. The functional analysis

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The Functional analysis. At revealing of functional requirements in the course of furniture creation consumer qualities of a product are defined, the relation of the person to prototypes and analogues, the reasons causing in the person positive and negative emotions are found out, the complex of properties to which the projected product, a set or a furniture complex should answer is established.

The Following stage at the decision of functional problems - definition of various requirements. Are thus fixed known to requirements and come to light new on the basis of careful studying of functional process, conversations with the people working in concrete conditions.

By furniture working out, and especially workplaces, revealing of communications ' the person - furniture ' for definition of the main criterion of quality of furniture - conveniences is necessary. In this case ergonomic researches are conducted, photos of the working day of the person in concrete conditions, routes of movements and a direction of streams of people are studied, the demographic structure of a family etc. is defined. The functional sizes on gostam and if they are not present the research way defines dimensions of products and subjects for which use the offered furniture intends further come to light, conformity of studied samples to operating standards, specifications, norms of designing etc. is investigated. In parallel analyze communications ' the person-furniture - environment ', i.e. Define the rational nomenclature, functional zones and subbands, passes, universality of furniture in concrete conditions, communication of furniture with means, conformity of is art-design qualities of furniture to character of architecture of an interior.

Working out of the list of scientifically well-founded requirements to a product, drawing up otkorrektivannogo design assignments of furniture taking into account design characteristics and norms will be the Result of a stage of predesign research. The general requirements to the document maintenance ' the Technical project ' are stated in GOST 24.201-79 (engineering specifications system on the MANAGEMENT information system).