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CHANGE of NATURAL DECORATIVE PROPERTIES of WOOD. Galvanic, chemical and anodizatsionnye coverings

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Are applied to is decorative-protective furnish of metal elements of furniture. Coverings receive by chemical or electrochemical processing of products in special solutions. Appearance of coverings depends on an applied material, cleanliness of processing and character of preparation of a surface.

The Galvanic method of drawing of coverings consists in sedimentation by means of a direct current on a surface of a product of a thin layer of metal from the electrolit containing ions of given metal. Galvanic coverings by chrome, nickel, zinc, cadmium, copper, etc. are widely applied

Chromic coverings differ silver-white colour with a bluish shade, firmness to mechanical deterioration, high hardness. Depending on structure of a surface of a covering share on dairy and shining. For details from a steel and the zinc alloy, maintained in various atmospheric conditions, apply the combined coverings: a three-layer covering (copper - nickel - chrome), a two-layer covering chrome (dairy shining); for copper and its alloys - nickel - chrome.

Galvanic nickel coverings apply basically to details from copper and its alloys maintained in premises. These coverings firm, silver-white colour with the yellowish shade, well giving in to polishing.