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CHANGE of NATURAL DECORATIVE PROPERTIES of WOOD. Gazoplazmennyj and teploluchevoj methods

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Gazoplazmennyj and teploluchevoj methods consist that a stream poroshkoobraznogo polymer plavitsja in an open flame of a gas torch or in a stream svetoteplovyh beams (teploluchevoj the method) and with a great speed is put on a product surface. Such coverings are homogeneous, without gas inclusions and microcracks, with high physicomechanical properties. The method is recommended for drawing of coverings on products of the big dimensions without preliminary heating.

the Method of a vortical dusting consists of operations of preliminary heating of a finished product to temperature of fusion of polymer and its premise in a vortical layer poroshkoobraznogo a material which is in a suspension. Polymer particles are besieged on nagretoj surfaces of a product and melted off, forming a superficial protective film. The method does not provide sufficient uniformity of a covering and it is recommended for products of small dimensions.