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The Chemical method of drawing of coverings consists in formation on specially prepared surface of products of an inorganic protective film by immersing of an element of products in solutions of corresponding structure. Chemical nickel plating apply to details of the difficult configuration complicating reception of a uniform covering elektroliticheskim by a method.

Group of chemical coverings concern and okisnye the coverings (film) applied to details from zhelezouglerodistyh of alloys (a steel, pig-iron). These are coverings of an insignificant thickness (0,8-1,5 mm) black colour of various shades depending on structure of metal and oksidirujushchego a solution, firmness to istiraniju at them low.

Chemical methods of decorative processing of a surface of aluminium and aluminium alloys concerns blue fosfatirovanie, consisting in processing of details in the solutions containing phosphoric, chromic and fluoric acid. On a surface the protective film of bluish-green colour of various shades depending on alloy and solution structure is formed.

Is decorative-protective furnish of aluminium and its alloys is made by anode processing of products by an electric current in corresponding electrolits. Application next ways anodizatsionnyh coverings now find: anodizing, emalevidnoe oksidirovanie, ematalirovanie, firm (or deep) anodizing. Anode coverings can be transparent, colourless and colour with various decorative effect. Quality of a covering depends on a condition of a surface of a material, carefulness of its preparation.