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as the Basis of creation of the future product of furniture the stage of outline is art-design working out, the creative offer and its embodiment serves in the graphic form and volumes.

To create rational in the functional and aesthetic relation a product, the designer should own skill of a composition, the nobility its laws and means.

The Law of harmonious unity of the maintenance and the form of any architectural or a work of art - one of organic laws of the theory of a composition. The Designer by means of various composite properties and means defines and specifies the form of a product, its proportion, the colour characteristic, chooses a rational constructive basis, materials, a wood structure, furnish, its invoice. Besides, depending on tasks in view the designer solves the general architecturally-planirovochnuju a composition, reveals style features and aesthetic advantages of furniture, its communication with other subjects and the equipment, and also communication with environment. It works not only over improvement of separate products, and projects series and the whole complexes of subjects, offers essentially new and perspective types of furniture, idea and the tendency formoobrazovanija products.

All features of architectural designing and industrial art though furniture designing has the features are inherent in Art designing of furniture.

In the course of designing of furniture depending on a spatial arrangement of forms three kinds of a composition are applied: face-to-face, volume-spatial and glubinno-spatial.

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the Face-to-face composition
sketch Drawing up
the Finished breadboard models
the Cardboard and a paper