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Performance of the is art-design project begins after the statement of sketches. The project is the definitive offer and is intended for its transfer to manufacture together with the complete set of working drawings and an explanatory note.

The structure of the project defined by appointment of object, includes product general views, cuts, the nomenclature drawing, layout schemes, prospect, a breadboard model, an explanatory note; the structure of the project of an interior still includes a lay-out, development of walls and a plafond.

Furniture General views give most a fair idea about the form, the sizes, colour and other parametres of a product. Them draw in orthogonal projections in the way of rectangular designing on the scale of 1: 10, 1:5, 1:2,5 and 1:1. The kind is the image turned to the spectator by a visible part of a subject. For the basic planes of projections accept six internal sides of the cube, developed on a plane. At designing of a subject from the different parties on a plane receive following projections 1 - in front (a facade, a front view); 2 from above (plan); 3 - at the left (side view); 4 - on the right (side view); 5 - from below; 6 - behind.

At designing of interiors on planes 1, 3, 4, 6 corresponding elements of building designs with the established furniture (development of walls) have. The plane 2 will be a lay-out, and 5 - a plafond.

In disclosing of a composite plan of the author and functional communication of a product the facade, a side view and the plan have the Principal value. However depending on complexity and appointment of furniture or workplaces apply all six projections.

Principal views carry out in colour, with construction of treatments of light and shade for revealing of volume, a structure of wood, the invoice of a material, furnish, etc. on general views, as a rule, are not put the Sizes (or the cores - dimensional and functional) are designated only, but the scale necessarily is underlined.
In the project follows graphic means to prove to interrelation of system ' the person-furniture-environment ', i.e. Scale, convenience and product appointment. For this purpose apply drawings of a figure of the person, various subjects, represent communication with the architectural environment surrounding with the nature.

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the Cut
Layout schemes
Construction of angular prospect
Construction of angular prospect of furniture in an interior
project Structure
the Unified details of designs
Technics of is art-graphic execution of the project
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