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the Pre-production model test in the conditions which are as much as possible coming nearer to operational, by an estimation of conformity to requirements, put at the heart of designing. Tests spend in following directions: on conformity to functional requirements; operational tests; on static durability; on reliability; on durability.

Test for conformity to functional requirements is spent by a technique developed with reference to a concrete kind of a product. Experts of a various profile are involved in working out of a technique and carrying out of tests depending on product appointment.

Functional suitability of a product is estimated by results of researches by an objective estimation of degree of conformity to its functional requirements. In one cases of test are connected with definition of convenience of use of products in statistical positions of a body of the person by control measurements, in others - the estimation of dynamics of movements by an establishment of frequency of movings and trajectories of movements, definitions of the loading having on unit of a surface of a body, and uniformity of its distribution is necessary. For reception of the objective data in researches of dynamics of sitting use ostsillografirovanie (definition of pressure in various points of a body elektrotenzometrami - gauges), and for kinematics of working-class movements - high-speed photographing and filming.

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Operational tests
Tests for static durability