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Distinction of is decorative-art properties of separate breeds of wood has led to working out of the ways directed on their change. Depending on character and degree of change of a surface distinguish next ways.

1. The ways which are not hiding a structure of wood, and only strengthening it, informing new colour tone. This group concern dyeing by dyes, protravnoe colouring and bleaching.

2. The ways combining a structure of the basic wood with drawing of additional imitating drawing and change of colour. Various ways of reproduction of a structure of wood of valuable breeds concern this group (imitation) directly on a basis surface.

3. The ways veiling colour and a structure of the basic wood by drawing of liquid paint and varnish materials, napressovki or gluing on its surface of textural papers, fabrics, film materials, pastes, emulsy, powders of polymers, surface metallization.

Oblagorazhivanie of wood colouring and etching is one of the most valuable methods in the art relation as simultaneously with change largely the general colour tone the characteristic structure of a blanket of wood - a structure is underlined and amplifies.

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Methods of superficial and deep dyeing
Reproduction of drawing of a structure of wood
Paint and varnish coverings
invoice Definition
the Designation of coverings
Thermojet coverings
Decorative layered plastics
Thermoplastic coverings
Gazoplazmennyj and teploluchevoj methods
the Electrostatic method
Metallization by dispersion
Galvanic, chemical and anodizatsionnye coverings
the Chemical method
Emalevidnoe oksidirovanie