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Analytical expert estimations - a way of forecasting of qualitative signs of object on the basis of partial, full or consecutive comparison.

Anthropology - a science studying biological human nature, its position among live beings, an origin, ancient and modern morphological types, physiological, sexual and age features.

Anthopometry - system of methods of anthropological research of a structure of the human body, establishing ethnic, sexual, age, professional and other features of a physical structure of the person.

the Atlas anthopometrical - the systematised arch of tables antrometricheskih signs of the person of certain age, national and sexual groups.

the Atlas colour - the systematised set of colour samples with the established parametres for an estimation of colours visual comparison.

Brightness - specific property of brightly shined surface to cause blinding or dezadaptatsiju the observer (adaptation - the organism adaptation to changing physical conditions - optical, temperature, acoustic, etc.).

Perception visual - direct reflexion of the objective validity by means of organs of vision.

Hygiene - the doctrine about health preservation, living conditions and works and the measures warning disease. Here - use by the designer of the hygienic labour specifications promoting creation of favorable working conditions and rest of the person.

the Schedule colour - a graphic representation on a plane of set of co-ordinates of chromaticity.

Design (English design - the project, drawing, a plan, a design) - is art-design activity in the industry. Design it is not simple designing, and the witty project, the original, unusual offer, a certain plan of action.

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