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the Organization of process of designing of furniture consists in the consecutive (stage-by-stage) decision of a complex of versatile problems as in the traditional ways, and by means of modern methods. Now, for example, it is inefficient to project furniture in the drawing way, i.e. To make experiments on drawings. Stereotypic receptions of drawing of inscriptions, drawings of formats, copying on a tracing-paper, etc.

are gradually excluded

Last years the methods reducing terms of designing, excluding errors take root at the designing, improving technological, economic and aesthetic qualities of products. It, for example, a volume method of designing-model search of the future products; serial-creation products of furniture of a various functional purpose and formoobrazovanija on the basis of wide unification and modular elements. The method of stage-by-stage working out of products, furniture designing at level of systems as uniform complete process is widely used.

Modern methods of designing are directed on an intensification of creative activity of the designer. The various computing and drawing automated cars supplied with an input equipment and a conclusion of the graphic information are thus used. In spite of the fact that the first attempts of application of new methods bring while only partial success, they steadily take root into practice of the scientific and design organisations. Application of various methods and design tools promotes efficiency of creative and is professional-performing activity of the designer.

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