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the Estimation of quality of furniture is made according to a technique of an estimation of a technological level and quality of products of furniture at certification for set of aesthetic indicators, indicators of comfortableness, adaptability to manufacture, patentno-legal indicators and unification and standardization level.

Aesthetic indicators characterise the aesthetic importance of the maintenance of a product, interrelation of the maintenance and the form, the aesthetic form of a product, tsvetofakturnoe the decision and Integrity of a composition. The estimation is made by a commission of experts according to a scale of an estimation of furniture on aesthetic indicators.

In a scale for each indicator (the form, tsvetofakturnogo decisions, accessories) the factor of the importance considering relative value (importance) of an indicator in the general estimation on aesthetic indicators is established. The higher estimation of each of indicators in points is defined by product of its factor of the importance on number of degrees of quality.

The Estimation as a whole is given to a product by comparison of the received data. If one of indicators is estimated 0 points, the product as a whole does not meet requirements on aesthetic indicators. Thus it is necessary to consider certain convention of a score. If, for example, the product is estimated as follows: the form-12 points, i.e. ' it is excellent ', colour and the invoice - 6 points, i.e. ' it is good ', accessories - 2 points, i.e. ' it is satisfactory ', - that in the sum it will make 20 points, i.e. ' it is good '. It is possible to consider the Score as the basis for a good estimation only in the event that the examination certificate will provide the is art-design completion improving quality of accessories, reducing quality of all product.

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the Technique of an estimation of aesthetic level
Adaptability to manufacture