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One of criteria of an aesthetic estimation of quality of furniture - character of its furnish as which understand all kinds of superficial processing directed on perfection of is decorative-art advantages of products and their protection against influence of an environment. Depending on a functional purpose distinguish three basic groups of furnish: protective, is decorative-art and is decorative-protective.

Protective furnish is intended for protection of products from temperaturno-vlazhnostnyh the influences of environment connected with the phenomena of humidifying, shrinkage, swelling, corrosion of elements of products and for protection against physical and chemical and mechanical damages by giving to a product or product elements kislotostojkosti, maslostojkosti, thermal stability, iznosoustojchivosti, etc.

Is decorative-art furnish provides dressing of products by plastic or decorative means: a relief decor (a carving, a stamping, engraving); an ornamental decor (a burning out, a list); a type-setting decor (intarsija, a mosaic, incrustation, marketri); unprofitable a decor (overlays and inserts from wood, metal, plastic, a bone, a horn, glass, porcelain, faience, ceramics and others).

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