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At a stage of predesign researches gathering, the analysis and generalisation of the concrete information concerning the developed product is spent. It begins with reception of the technical project from the customer in whom the general problems, requirements to a product are specified, including used materials and furnish kinds, the furniture nomenclature, parametres of premises, dates of performance, etc. Besides, the designer should have the data about the newest "know-how", the perspective materials, differently the projected product will not meet time requirements. After explanation of a theme depending on complexity and work terms the group of experts for research carrying out is appointed. If experts-researchers the narrow circle of professional questions the attention of the designer along with the general questions razmero - and formoobrazovanija products is turned on the functional party interests only, i.e. On relations of this product to the person and the person to a product.

Carrying out of predesign research can be broken into two cores podetapa: gathering, the analysis, generalisation of the information and the analysis of functional requirements.

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Gathering and the information analysis
the Functional analysis