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In a furniture and interior colour score is art-design problems of features of psychophysiological influence of colour on the person as a whole are realised. Researches of physiologists establish character and degree of reaction of nervous system of the person on various colour sources.

At a warm colour environment working capacity increases, but acoustical sensitivity decreases and transferring of heats is at a loss. Rather physiologically colours of the middle of a spectrum (green, flavovirent) and light achromatic (grey), intermediate between groups of cold and warm colours are neutral. These colours have received the name of physiologically optimum colours.

In psychophysiological influence of colour its saturation and svetlota has not less important role. The dark sated colours associate with weight, cause colour exhaustion, and light - sensation of ease, light, raise working capacity.

Influence of separate colour the more strongly, than a surface more occupied with it, than it is brighter and nasyshchennej. Colour is capable is illusory to expand surrounding space, visually to increase proportions and the sizes of subjects, depth of space and prospect.

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Emotional perception of colour
Color contrast
the Basis of construction of colour harmonies