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Working drawings and the documentation develop after the project and entering statement korrektivov. At this stage the designer observes and supervises all process of working out of working drawings of products, participates in performance of templates and drawings of difficult surfaces, checks and signs drawings.

Working drawings are intended for manufacturing of components of a product and a product as a whole. Depending on appointment distinguish drawings for individual manufacturing, for serial manufacturing and for mass production of products.

Drawings of individual manufacturing contain optimum quantity of the information for performance in a material of a small lot of products; drawings serial and mass production are developed on the basis of operational check of an experimental batch of products.

The equipment design structure along with the is art-design documentation includes drawings of general views of products with a short technical characteristics; assembly drawings with cuts, sections and the detailed specification, with instructions of designations and the sizes of details, materials, with references to GOST or THAT; drawings of assembly units; the drawings of details containing all details, entering into a product (excepting standard), with their sizes, admissions and landings, designations of classes of a roughness.

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