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CHANGE of NATURAL DECORATIVE PROPERTIES of WOOD. Reproduction of drawing of a structure of wood

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Reproduction of drawing of a structure of wood of one breed on a surface another (imitation) is carried out in the various ways. The first experiences in this direction are connected with manual ways of drawing of drawing painting cutting, aerografiej. Quality of their performance is in dependence from qualification of the master. Now these ways find the limited application (at restoration works).

The First attempts of mechanisation of imitating works are connected with use of methods akvagrafii and dekalkomanii. In the first case drawing drawing is made from a water table covered with a thin paint coat, not smetajushchejsja with water. The essence of imitation by a method dekalkomanii consists in transfer into a surface of the product covered with a varnish coat, dried up ' to otlipa ', printed on the special not glued paper (kalkome) drawing. These methods have not found wide industrial application.

Attempts of imitation of wood by means of the cliches produced by a method of silk-screen printing and a method of the photochemical press Are known. These methods because of the complexity and low decorative advantages also have not received wide industrial application.

Much more perspective and productive method of imitation is structure reception by typographical way. In a general view the essence of this method consists that on the prepared basis painted in the basic tone of simulated wood, drawing directly from the typographical form is put. Printing forms are carried out in modern conditions by a photochemical way that allows to reproduce a structure with a split-hair accuracy directly from natural wood in multi-colour (3-4 colours) execution.

Attempts of manufacturing of printing forms by engraving on a skin or metals give the approached image. In this case drawing generalisation, application of the abstract structure which decorative effect is reached by selection of corresponding colour scale is rational.